The shiz behind the biz

Connor doyle - Hoi Polloi Cafe



Twenty three, mechanic, motor bike enthusiast one half of the barista brothers behind eclectic city coffee bar hoi polloi

‘I can never be doing nothing – I’m always doing something…’
— Connor Doyle

I just liked coffee and it was too good a space not to do anything with it. The art gallery here has local artists so we got a mural done; it’s something different, and it’s good for Townsville. It’s not about making money, it’s more to us than that, I think there’s a lot of things we could do that would be more profitable but it’s fun where it is now, it’s something that I think it would be a loss if it’s not there.
I’m a mechanic, with the bikes we’ve always loved that look of café racers. There is a café in Melbourne that has a workshop where people can come in and work on their bikes, that’s something we’d love to do – not in this space because it’s not big enough, but we’d love to do that, and we’d love to have a bar but we don’t want to work nights, we already work days and weekends, I guess I’m more involved in the business side of things – you’ve just got to do what you’ve got to do to make it happen.


I like progressing something – moving forward, adding to it, whether it’s a physical thing, like putting time into something, and getting something out of it, rather than sitting down and doing nothing, I’ll work on my bike, just tinker with it.
I don’t get people who are content to do nothing, there’s no sense of satisfaction. People ask to buy our motorbikes all the time but I’d never sell it, it’s my sense of satisfaction, being able to ride it. I also buy and sell cars, and we’ve got a couple of other bikes on the go, we’d probably have more if we had the time!


I guess it comes from our mum, she’s always had antiques. When our grandparents moved over they had like a shipping container full of really nice antique furniture, they used to hit the flea markets in Manchester. Over there, people take beautiful old leather Chesterfields to the market and if they don’t sell them they smash them up rather than re-load them. We’d do lots of trips over to Manchester to see our cousins and spend a lot of time there going to antiques stores and old buildings – we’re the kind of people that go to the bank and admire the architecture of cool old buildings; it’s like I can’t understand people going out and buying a brand new couch, I’d rather some older thing, even if it’s sort of ripped up it’s more aesthetically pleasing. I like the things in the café but most things I can do without, I don’t need any of that stuff. Anything that I need would definitely be in the style of the café, but I don’t need much, I could do without it all, if that makes sense, what I enjoy is finding things, not having them.

I don’t listen to much music, I’ve never been that bothered with it, it’s a bit weird probably but I feel like it’s just something to fill in time.


I like jumping from one thing to another; I’m not really a sentimentalist. I value the effort I put into something, not so much the item.