trend 2018 - the informal formal

It seems straightforward, you’re going to your grad, so it’s off to the hairdresser for an ‘updo.’
Except that stiff, old-school, ‘bridesmaid hair’ is long gone.
And braids?… twenty seventeen.

Salon Manager at Touch of Utopia Professional Hair Stylists, Kate Hastie brings us up to speed on the hottest looks right now.



What’s the biggest trend of the season?
At the moment it’s really textured, quite ‘undone’ looks, it’s almost like they’ve done it themselves, except it’s that little bit more polished,’ she said. 

So who’s inspiring these looks? 

Our new favourite Royal Meghan Markle is a fan of flyaways and low, loose knotted buns, but it’s still the Kardashians who rule the inspo army, but that comes with a few issues – namely, their looks are usually achieved with extensions, weaves, and even wigs! 

‘Sometimes it can be quite hard for hairdressers that the girls coming in won’t have the hair to do the style, so we have to manipulate it to something else. 
The younger girls want it there and then, so we just have to kind of work with what they have and show them pictures of what they can have. They can have a few clip-ins, we also stock ponytails and hair pieces, to get the look.’

So you CAN have the big, beachy-bed-hair looks that are hot right now, but it’s not just the Kardashians leading the way, our own Instagram influencers Shani Grimmond, ‘Shani cut all her hair off, I’ve probably had four girls with photos of her,’ and Tammy Hembrow, are top of the want-it-now wish-list. ‘They bring in photos of upstyles but all of these are quite simple, that’s what they like at the moment – girls used to think they had to have the bun with the braid at the front, we call it ‘Bridesmaid hair’, but steer away from bridesmaid hair!’

So what’s the new up-styling look like?

‘It’s all very creative, with a lot of ribbon work; ribbon techniques are really in at the moment. 
There’s still occasional braids but more unstructured stuff – it’s in there for a purpose, not just to be there, so you can anchor a ribbon to one side and pull it over to the other side to a braid, they’re totally different shapes at the moment. We try to keep on trend, definitely, we do a lot of training, we’ve had two lots of up-style training this year and we’re flying up another high-up stylist next year.’

It’s a bit of a generation thing, Kate says older clients still like a polished look for the races, they like to come to the hairdresser and look like they’ve been to the hairdresser, but the younger crew are really going for the beachy, less ‘done’ looks, which can be achieved now with products like Schwarzkopf’s Dust It and dry shampoos, ‘So even if you have finer hair it doesn’t really matter any more.’

so HOT RIGHT now

SLEEK : Polished ponytails with a nice simple fishtail, we’re still getting a lot of those because they’re really flattering on the young girls all really pulled back with beautiful makeup on, and they’re really simple and they look their age, which is good, you want to keep it nice and fresh

SHORT : You don’t have to wear extensions, short hair with beautiful waves, it’s nice and sleek and tucked behind one ear, we’d recommend a statement earring with that, and a big beautiful sweeping fringe. It shows the girls you don’t have to grow your hair for years and years for grad, then cut it all off the day after…

UNDONE : Low ponytails and messy buns that look like you have done it yourself but a bit more polished, with lots of textured pieces and ribbon work

COLOUR : Still the really natural tones, Balayage and root stretches are still in, more beachy tones, less ashy – it’s more beigey, honey and sandy blondes – it’s much easier to maintain!

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