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richelle kelly


Richelle is one half of a digital revolution that’s changing the way we think about money. With her cousin, Andy Murphy, Richelle is helping businesses and users understand cryptocurrency through their solutions-based startup, Satoshiware NQ. They’re here to help change the way you handle your finances, whether its business or personal, and take advantage of the benefits of using borderless, instant, bank fee-free bitcoin cash.  

Richelle’s motto :

I don’t really have one particular single motto, I try to keep a good set of country values in my life, I suppose lately in the past year or so it’s been ‘Just go and do it, just go and try something’


The Business :

Named after the mysterious figure credited with creating the Bitcoin economy, Satoshi Nakamoto; Satoshiware NQ was created by cousins Richelle Kelly and Andy Murphy to educate businesses and users on the ins and outs of the new technology of cryptocurrency. 

They dynamic duo are here to offer free support and find solutions for individuals and businesses that want to get involved with peer-to-peer electronic funds transfers using Bitcoin Cash, a global currency that operates without banks, governments or institutions.

Richelle says “That’s the whole point of it, that’s how cryptocurrency came to be, when Bitcoin first came around it was to have people own their own money, to get it out of banks and institutions. 
Every country will have their own regulations as to how it will be used and accounted for, Australia still views it as property, so it’s subject to capital gains tax if you’re using it for investment purposes.

Andy and I go and give information to anyone who’s interested, we focus on helping merchants get their business to accept Bitcoin Cash, as well as general questions, there’s so many legal and accounting aspects, people are still really scrambling to make sense of it all and to see how it fits into the whole ecosystem of finance. 
Bitcoin Cash is super simple to use, you just have an app on your phone, and it’s a new way to pay for products and services.” 
Satoshiware NQ will also be rolling out Bitcoin Cash vending machines, they’ll have six across North QLD, “You’ll put Australian dollars in and it’ll send Bitcoin Cash to your phone” - and while Bitcoin Cash only began in August last year, like all technology, it’s better to keep up, than catch up. 
So to any cryptocurrency newbies, Richelle and Andy are here to help you get connected!


I’m a Burdekin girl, I lived there for the first 18 years of my life.
I came up to university in Townsville where I studied media and communications and journalism, then I stayed up here for a couple of years after I graduated, doing different media jobs. 
I worked at the Townsville Bulletin for a bit in advertising, then I was a dental nurse for a couple of years, then for the last five years I’ve been farming on our cane farm in the Burdekin.

I’ve known about crypto currencies for a while and Bitcoin Cash came along at just the right time for us to kind of promote it in Townsville to get Townsville involved and ahead of the curve, and make us a FinTech (financial technology) community up here.

It was really good timing, I’d just come back from six weeks overseas, and just fell into it as a promotions and marketing and education kind of gig.



I’ve always been into horse riding, I’ve had horses since I was a little kid; I’ve been in the Ayr Pony Club for, ohh, 25 years now! I’m an instructor there, I still have a horse that I compete on when I can, a great big black thoroughbred, his name is Zorro, we just call him ‘Big Fella’ ‘cos he’s 17 hands of muscle, so that’s how I spend my spare time and weekends, I go back there and I ride him when I can.

Other than that I like reading and keeping up to date with social issues, and tech – it takes a lot to get your head around so there’s been a lot of study of that over the past six months.



“No-one really knows, I mean there’s a lot of speculation of how far and how fast this can go, but I’m really hoping over the next five years that it really takes off in a tourism aspect.

Because it’s the same currency all around the world, if you go travelling, it would be the same currency, you wouldn’t need to change currencies between countries, right?
You don’t need to have money exchanges, you don’t have currency exchange fees, it’s on your phone, you don’t even need a wallet for it.”


Definitely have someone who has owned or has their own business to give you advice, there’s a lot of paperwork and different governmental things that need to be taken care of if you run your own business, luckily for us Andy’s mum is an accountant so she’s kept us right on top of all the BAS’s and the superannuation and all that kind of stuff, because it’s a lot more than I thought, but it’s been a very good learning curve.



Luckily I’m a fast learner because we kind of got thrown in at the deep end, really quickly.  
I’m not really a risk taker, I go into everything with calculated risk, I had so much support and I had Andy, he’s my right hand man…



It’s always the basic jeans and a T shirt, I have a fair dress collection too though for special occasions, but for day to day it’s jeans and a bit of lipstick, jeans are just comfortable, and I’m a pretty pale person so I don’t need tanned legs! The Burdekin puts on a great race every year so I go along to that, yeah, I{ve got a fairly good dress collection!



It’s a very varied mix, I have a fair collection of country music, Jason Aldean, Taylor Swift - I’m not too proud to say that! The oldies, Garth Brooks and all that, plus 60s and 70s rock, I have a very wide appreciation of music, anything that’s not heavy metal, I can live with!!