Hoi Polloi Cafe

espresso bar : eclectic : urban : vintage : street art : events : cafe


Describing the slightly eccentric Hoi Polloi Café to the uninitiated is tricky, but if you could imagine Alice in Wonderland, ‘down the rabbit-hole’ and Mad Hatter’s Tea Party,’ you’ll have come kind of close. Kind of.
Almost hidden in a quiet city laneway at the rear of a beautiful heritage building, clocking the ‘OH’ expressions on the faces of the occasional driver as they take in the street art, eclectic furniture, relaxed customers and random piano is just part of the appeal of this quirky enclave. Once you’ve taken in the surrounds and decided on your seating preference – vintage wing chair, communal bench, industrial stool, and more, there’s the awesome coffee and muffin menu so you can kick back and enjoy the Doyle brothers’ unique style and hospitality in this pet-friendly, inner-city, best-kept secret…