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colleen doyle - a Few Beautiful things


business owner, Councillor, mother of three

‘I don’t sell anything I don’t like…’
— Colleen Doyle

my family, this building, and antiques

Colleen’s husband Martin’s motor mechanic business spawned the unlikely beginning of her retail journey,
“I just wanted to get into retail, I couldn’t find anything in town, so I started selling handbags in the workshop. Martin’s female customers would say, “I’d just like to add that handbag to the bill…”

Fashion style:
Eclectic – but I’d like to think I’m a little bit classical as well; whatever takes my fancy. I don’t care where it comes from, I can walk into a boutique for a hat, and find the dress to go with it at Lifeline

Favourite era:
I’m very much a 1920s and 30s girl

it’s a real mix, I’ve got antiques, but I’ve also got items like a pair of Mexican cherubs that everyone hates, but I love them!

Aside from family, pets and photos, what would you save in a crisis?
That’s easy, it’s a painting by young artist Matt Clark, he’s the reason I started buying art. He passed away, and the Matt Clark Travelling Scholarship was set up for young emerging visual artists. The piece they used on the scholarship, ‘Raven Beauty,’ is the one I have, it’s the first piece of art that I bought, and another of his after that, and when Cyclone Yasi was headed our way, I packed them up, I think I got our birth certificates, and those paintings.

Colleen's pick
the goatskin footstool, ‘it’s a modern piece, but it’s beautiful.’