East Coast Faces
Matthew Gianoulis
Matthew Gianoulis Photography

“Do what you love to do, always work hard.”
— Matthew Gianoulis

MATTHEW:  QLD commerical photographer of the year 2017, design & style guru, calm personified, gets things done. Makes women beautiful, products lustworthy, and succulents grow…

“photography – I get to do what I love to do, I love being creative, work gives me that”

“I studied at JCU, I was in the first New Media intake. I majored in graphic design and my minor was photography and visual arts. I didn’t have a particular interest, I had to choose electives and was going to choose business but I saw photography and thought I’d give it a go – I fell in love with it.

I volunteered with the Townsville Fashion Festival after its first year, I’ve worked on it for six years, and I’ve been involved in the fitness industry, it’s really taking off. A cousin owns MuscleNation (Sydney fitness label) so I got involved in taking photos, I met a few fitness models, then other models saw my work and through word of mouth, I photograph a lot of them now. I quite enjoy it, fitness models are really prepared, they make my job really easy!

Favourite item:
A watch my grandmother bought me for graduation

Creative inspo:
People in creative industries who have a passion, I’m inspired by (New York-based German fashion photographer) Kristian Schuller

Music inspo:
I like lots of different music, EDM (electronic dance music), house music, I’m really enjoying Little by Little, the album by Lane 8…

If you had a day off:
Netfilx, snacks and zone out, or go somewhere, to the beach or a swimming hole

Weird obsession:
Succulents – I think I’m a gardener at heart…