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Naomi Collings - Mara swim


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try to accept things as they happen and try to react in a calm, kind way
— Naomi Collings : Mara SWim

with sibling Kirsty Parnell, this sister act has created an international splash with their lustworthy, sun safe range of designer rashie swimwear, mara swim australia…


We grew up in Townsville, I moved first. I travelled, and was working as a contract manager and a model, then I moved back to Townsville and Kirsty moved to Brisbane, she’s a hairdresser - It wasn’t ideal!

We started the label after my own experience with melanoma, we were in Brisbane when Kirsty spotted it. Later we were looking at the rashies in a shop and they were just one colour with a great big logo over the front.

We’re both very creative people, I’m more of a problem solver, Kirsty is more creative, but we never thought we’d be working together.

Once the idea was born, the train started and there was no stopping it. We worked with patternmakers, and designers for the fabric, and we got a lot of great feedback from people who had been affected by melanoma. 


Passions:  I’ve got a 14 month old baby, Pearl; I didn’t think I’d be a lovesick-type doting parent, but it’s nice! And travel – it’s a refreshing habit, I’d like to do more.


Personal style : I like it to look effortless, and unique, and balance it with classic pieces


Music inspo : I like R&B and hip hop


What’s next?

We’ve been to a few different Fashion Week events, we’ve been invited to Brisbane and the Mercedes Benz Fashion Weeks, and to the CIAF - Cairns Indigenous Art Fair, it’s a really good way to get your designs in front of a lot of people.
We’ve been completely online and sell to international customers, we manufacture in Australia, but we’ve reached a platform where we can explore getting into stores, it’s a natural progression of what we’re doing…