‘I don’t sell anything I don’t like…’
— Colleen Doyle, owner, a few beautiful things

A few beautiful things  

quirky : collectables : antiques : furniture : jewellery : handbags

Colleen Doyle loves antiques and eclectic pieces; her unique Fulham Road store was well-known as a treasure trove where you could find the gift for any occasion (which often included finding the perfect gift for yourself!)
“When I first started the business it was about anything that would finish a room, finish an outfit, it was all about that final touch.”

Now the home of A Few Beautiful Things is an elegant city heritage building and it’s here that the full extent of Colleen’s love for all things old, eclectic, offbeat or a combination of the three can really be appreciated.

The shop meanders through an entire half of the ground floor that features six metre ceilings and polished boards, with treasures everywhere you look.
“I want it to be the place that you go when you’re looking for something just that little bit left of centre - it’s always a surprise when you walk in. We get the antiques from the UK, there are really nice pieces that have really good stories, I spend a lot of time finding out about them.”

So good are some of the stories that Colleen’s own collection of objects and furniture continues to grow, perhaps because she treats every piece as a precious jewel, “ We put a lot of effort into choosing the right pieces and both Ann and my mum Marie who work in the shop feel the same way as I do, we like to know that they’re going to a good home.”

Whose homes might these be? Colleen says their customers are an eclectic mix; women looking for ‘unique,’ men who enjoy antiques, people from out west; ‘I love them to bits, they really appreciate the pieces, they’re not looking for something that is perfectly restored because you won’t find something perfectly restored in the shop, it’s about letting the piece tell a story, which is right there as it’s presented.”