We are so used to the everyday items we surround ourselves with that although they might be treasures, or even invisible to us, they can be a liability when you are selling your home. But surely everyone appreciates your collection of troll dolls, teacups, DVDs, dead pot plants or whatever it is you are passionate about or don’t notice any more? The truth is, they don’t.
When Kym Wilson styled her own property to sell back in 2012, the real estate agent asked her who did the styling, and after Kym said it was her own work, said, ‘You should do ‘staging’.’ Kym laughs, saying, “I was like, ‘What’s that?!’
It was a new industry back then, so while managing the Townsville Flower Market, Kym started to stage homes on a casual basis, to see how it went, using just word of mouth and facebook for referrals.
“It started going gangbusters so I decided to finish up at the Flower Market and do my staging full-time, it was a scary move being a single female with a mortgage, starting your own business.”

Kym offers two styling services to help you get the best price for your home,
“The main part is a staging and styling package, so you’ve got an empty home, a rental property or you’re moving; so I put all the furniture and décor items in the home, or we might just do the main areas that are going to be photographed by the real estate agent, say one main bedroom, and the living area.
The second option is what I call a ‘tweak,’ so I just go in and do a de-clutter and put fresh décor, artwork, cushions and mats to freshen it up for photos. You really need to de-personalise homes so it makes it more to everybody’s taste,” she says.

It’s not surprising that Kym’s clients often ask where she got certain items so they can go out and get them, she’s even had a purchaser buy a house on the proviso the furniture came with it!




I love renovating houses, homewares, and décor. I love decorating, so that’s why I love doing the styling. I’m not an interior designer, I’m a stylist, I just like making things look nice!


I was born in Brisbane, but my father was in the Army so we moved all over the place, I came up here to go to primary school in Heatley. Mum would have me clean my room on Saturday mornings and I’d close the door, and she’d be like, ‘What are you doing in there?’ and then she’d open the door and I would have moved my furniture around, dragged it around the room, changed everything, so I think from early days I was meant to do this!


I worked in law offices which wasn’t really my cup of tea, I’m not an office worker, so I went into retail and managed national groups in Melbourne, like Witchery, and Gazman. Because my father was in the Army I think I’ve had itchy feet, so I’ve moved around and lived in Sydney, the Gold Coast, Brisbane and Melbourne. I came back here for a high school reunion when I was about to turn 40.
I saw the new Strand and thought Townsville was on the move and that it was a really relaxed place and had a great lifestyle, so I came back and bought a house. That started my house renovating; I’m on my fifth one in 14 years.
I was at the Townsville Flower market for seven years, my friends owned it, they lived in Brisbane, so I was going to trade fairs and buying homewares for the shop, I was in seventh heaven!


I love cane and anything with a tropical, Caribbean, relaxed feel, heaps of greenery and cool colours for the climate. The biggest styling issue I come across are recliner rockers and big puffy lounges, they’re so comfortable, but for photographing and making a place look big, it’s really hard!


Favourite item:
I have a black and white original etching that I bought when I was 19, of the Townsville city, the old T&G building. I don’t know who did it but I’ve had it with me wherever I’ve gone…


Musical inspo:
I listen to Spotify, I really love jazz and loungey music, anything that’s easy, relaxing, chillout music