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East Coast Faces : Hannah Mutze
Benefit Brow Queen

What Benefit Cosmetics National Brow Manager Hannah Mutze doesn’t know about eyebrows isn’t worth knowing – which is why over fifty gals headed to her recent Masterclass at Myer Townsville’s Benefit Brow Bar.  If you missed out, don’t worry -  here’s the downlow on everything eyebrow from the Toowoomba-born brow goddess…


EC : How did you start off in the beauty business?

HM : It was very organic. My best friend started in the beauty game before me in 2011 when the popularity of eyebrow shaping was really beginning to take off! I just happened to follow her into the industry, and never left. I feel like the beauty industry for me was destiny, as growing up as one of four girls I’d always experimented with DIY tinting and waxing – the difference is now I actually know what I’m doing!


EC :  What brought you to specialise in the world of brow beauty?

HM :  I’m lucky that my whole beauty journey has been specialising in eyebrows. I’ve always paid attention to detail, loved working with my hands and talking about beauty with other women, eyebrows made for the perfect fit - as most women have a slight obsession with their brows and that attention to detail is crucial. 


EC :  How would you describe the most current, on-trend brow shape?

HM :  Natural. This is the most requested brow style throughout Benefit BrowBars in Australia, and for good reason – it suits everyone.  In 2018, ‘natural’ means slightly thicker with a gentle arch – just enough to lift and open the eye area. The key to this look? Regular tinting (every 4 weeks) to ensure you’re softer shape maintains definition, and a slick of brow highlight on the brow bone under the arch to lift, lift, lift!


EC : Is there a most common mistake gals make with their brows?

HM : Filling their brows too heavily! Too heavy, too dark brows look shocking and unnatural. Use product to define the shape of your brows and to fill in any gaps or sparse areas! Ensure the front of your brow is always a little softer and lighter in colour that the tail end – as this is how our brows naturally grow.


EC : Is there hope for the over-pluckers of the East Coast?

HM : Absolutely! All hope is never lost.

Step 1 to growing out over plucked brows – put down the tweezers. In fact, throw them out. Buddy up with a Benefit Brow Expert who can guide you through the challenging regrowth phase – we call this Brow Rehab! They’ll teach you how to style your new brows too!

Step 2 – make sure you’re conditioning your brows. Benefit’s BrowVO! Conditioning Primer conditions existing hairs with Keratin and Soy Proteins and stimulates the skin underneath – which can encourage future growth!


EC : Which celeb do you consider has the best brows and why?

HM : I’m partial to thick, naturally groomed looking brows a la teen queen Zendaya, and actress Jennifer Connelly. They both manage to keep their brows looking thicker and textured – both big brow trends for 2018, with perfectly tapered tails – this shaping tip instantly opens the eye area and ensures a neat finish!



EC : Could you describe your recommended brow routine?

HM : Every brow is different, but there are key steps in a brow routine that work on everyone!

1.     Always start by brushing through your brows with a spoolie/brow brush.

2.     Use your fave brow product (pencil/powder/pomade) to shape and fill your brows where needed.

3.     Set them in place with a brow gel. Tinted brow gels will intensify the colour and definition, whereas clear gels work like hairspray to lock the shape in place.

4.     Finally, highlight the brow bone under your arch with a brow highlighter like Benefit’s High Brow – this step lifts the whole face and brightens the eye area in seconds!


EC : Which products and tools should be in a gal’s brow beauty kit?

HM : Every gal needs the following:

Spooly Brush – this is the key to groomed looking brows, and blends colour for the most natural finish!

Micro fine tipped brow pencil! Consider these the holy grail of the brow world. The fine tip allows for ultimate precision when shaping the brow, they can be used to create hair like strokes for a naturally feathered finish, and they’re perfect for brow touch ups on the go!

Brow Setter – like hair spray for brows – this ensures your colour and shape last the whole day! A must for women with curly, wiry or longer brow hairs!