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Be one per cent better every day…
— Sonia Whiteley - Owner F45 North Shore

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WHAT’S IT ABOUT: Who has time for fitness? How can you get started on changing your life for the better when there aren’t even enough hours in the day to be average?
F45 is a 45 minute high-intensity, circuit training workout that can kick-start the pathway to a new you, or if you are already active you can elevate your fitness levels to heights you never thought possible…

WHO’S BEHIND IT: Sonia Whiteley - fifty-fit : furbaby foster-mum : knitting tragic


What motivates anyone to get out of bed at 4am? Sonia Whiteley needs no encouragement to get up, make a cuppa and settle in at her desk to get her admin work out of the way. It’s probably worth mentioning that Sonia’s place at Saunders Beach is on the beachfront with an uninterrupted view of the sunrise each morning - that’s what we call motivation!
It wasn’t always like this, Sonia, a research psychologist, had lived in other cities and had visited Townsville years ago with her husband, but they weren’t that impressed, so kept moving.
They have spent the past five or six years travelling around Australia; after her husband retired they’d been trying to figure out where he wanted to retire to, and this time around they found Townsville had radically changed since their last visit, so much so that they fell in love with the updated version and now call our tropical paradise ‘home’ – ‘this is where we want to be.’
With a high profile job as a research psychologist Sonia spends plenty of time at a desk so had previously relied on boxing gyms for fitness, but with boxing facilities few and far between in Townsville she maintained her fitness by joining an F45 outlet in the city.
Forty-five minutes might be a speedy workout, but the drive to and from the city from Saunders Beach each day seemed to defeat the purpose. Sonia had been looking for a business that suited her lifestyle, so it seemed too good to be true to discover that there was an opportunity to open her own F45 in her area.
The rest, as they say, is history – or it will be, with the opening of her new boutique F45 on April 21, it’s been a steep learning curve to deck out a gym facility, but Sonia has her eyes on the end game, and can’t wait to get started.



We foster working breed dogs, we’re up to about dog 31, we take older dogs that are a bit clapped out and we polish them up and get them back into a home. We also have two ‘foster-fails’ at the moment, dogs we couldn’t give up, every foster-carer dreads the ‘foster-fail’ and we have two!
I’m a tragic knitter, I knit everything but my speciality is socks; I sit in board meetings and knit socks!




‘I spend a lot of time sitting down, being sedentary, so F45 is my hobby.
I’m a research psychologist by trade, I do large-scale projects for the Federal Government, working with the universities and higher education institutions.
I used to run something called the Quality Indicators for Learning and Teaching, which is a survey of every student at university and the employer of every graduate each year, and figure out whether or not the universities are delivering, from the students, graduates and employers perspective.
F45 is what I do on the side.
I’ve always worked corporate but I would never have been able to work the hours I did and still do without making sure I was in really good physical condition,
I’ve always had a personal trainer or a strength and conditioning coach, and I boxed for many years, but what really shocked me when I came to an F45 studio is that now at 50 I am stronger than I was in my 20s, 30s and 40s.
F45 was kicked off by Hugh Jackman’s personal trainer, when he was getting into that really good shape for his X-Men movies, the first one started in Bondi Junction, now there are 1,000 studios worldwide, and the thing is everybody around the world does the same exercises on the same day. It starts in New Zealand and rolls out across the globe that day, and every day is different.
I’m on a strange sleep schedule, I get up at 4am, I go to bed at 11pm, but I have two 20 minute naps during the day, it’s called polyphasic sleeping, it’s what Winston Churchill did, and I do an F45 workout every day as well. I’m really surprised, it makes me a lot more productive.