East Coast Faces - Jenny Mason

A long time salon owner and operator, Jenny decided to change up her work-life balance, finding a new home at the Touch of Utopia city salon. It’s literally just down the road from where the in-demand stylist used to run her own show, but with a packed appointment calendar that never seems to slow down, the move has allowed Jenny to devote more time to her outside interests.
“I was ready, I’d done it since such a young age, like 22, I’d definitely put my fair share of a stamp on the industry, and I was ready to step it back a bit,” she said.

Not that it has changed that much, Jenny describes an average day as ‘hectic’ - “From the minute I walk in to the minute I walk out,’ she laughs, ‘But I like being that way,’ she adds. 
What she doesn’t mention is being a great hairdresser also involves being a great listener, she laughs at being likened to a therapist, “Completely - but not for the same hourly rate!! But you want people to walk out feeling really good…”



Triathlons – I’ve probably been doing them for the last eight years or so, I just decided to get fit one day, and so I did boot camps, and started running, and learned how to swim – and it kind of went from there. 
My training regime is pretty much early, early mornings; the days I finish early I train twice a day, and weekends… I think living here, the pace is slow enough that you can fit a whole lot more into your day, whereas in a city, it’s just not like that, you spend heaps more time commuting, life’s way busier. I think you can still have a good balance, living here in Townsville.

I just came back from doing a half Iron Man on the Sunshine Coast two weekends ago and I’m going off to Airlie Beach this weekend to do another race. I train with different people, I do swim squad at Tobruk Pool, I have a coach and I do a program off him, and I ride with different people and do different things. In Summer running here’s the worst, you just have to do it really early. 

I’m married with an 11 year-old step-daughter, we have her for half the time so do a bit of step-parenting, we juggle it all… 


I’m from the Burdekin originally, I did my apprenticeship at a salon called Maidenhair (that doesn’t exist any more). I started at 15, I left school in Grade 10, moved to Townsville, and I’ve done it ever since. I lived in Melbourne for about three years when I was 18, which was great, then moved back and have been here ever since. I started my business really early, and had a lot of apprentices go thru me that went on to become really well-trained quite famous now seniors.
I just did my thing… but when you’re that busy in the salon it drags you down a bit trying to do everything whereas here I the salon I don’t have to worry about that!


JFDI – Just F*#*ing Do It! I don’t set goals, I just go with the flow. Whatever pops up pops up, I just take it on. I don’t believe in plans, I think the universe has a way of coming in and saying f#ck you when you try and do that!!!



Music plays in salons all the time, if you had your choice, what would be on your playlist?

“I actually like silence! Because I talk all day, I listen to music all day, I get home and actually just like the serenity!”