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fashionista, mum of three, equestrienne

I think I’m the opening of the envelope queen!
— Bec Crumpler


I’m a really social person, I really like helping people feel good about themselves, and I love art, and beautiful things…


My mum was from the UK, she was a model, and she had a fantastic wardrobe. She’d go to parties that Jimi Hendrix was at, that sort of thing. After she met my dad and moved here she really missed the UK so she’d go back for a few months every year. She’d bring back the latest fashion magazines, clothes and jewellery from the high street stores for my sister and I, we were really lucky, we’d be wearing all the latest clothes before they came out here, and our friends were always borrowing them.
I have Polish blood and my great-grandfather was Indian. It’s funny, now I have dark hair all the Greek and Italian communities think I’m Greek or Italian!

I’d worked in a pharmacy then was a stay-at-home mum for ten years, but I love nice designer things, so I decided to set up a shop, and it was really popular.


Fashion style:
I can be really demure or kind of wild, I love Trelise Cooper, she’s really quirky and uses different colours and textures, she’s really cool. I love Karl Lagerfield and Chanel, growing up you like to look forward to having something really special.
I’m inspired by Daphne Guinness, she’s so out there, she wears Alexander McQueen, she’s really interesting and doesn’t care what anyone thinks.


Favourite fashion item:
My Chanel jacket, it’s black and gold with pearls, I got it in China when my husband and I were overseas earlier this year. There’s a story to it but he won’t want me to tell it here!


Bec’s pick: The Fendi boots – they’re stunning…