Anna Gianoulis

Anna Gianoulis owner of Malpara Florist and her son Matthew.

Anna Gianoulis owner of Malpara Florist and her son Matthew.


If you don’t like what you’ve made, the customer won’t either
— Anna Gianoulis

Mothers Day and Valentine’s Day are two dates in the year you’d be crazy to take on a florist shop, let alone four; but that’s exactly what Anna and George Gianoulis did back in 1995.
Anna was a book keeper, and George, a real estate agent/auctioneer, wanted a change, the young couple were keen to find something they could do together, so after hearing the four Malpara stores were for sale, they reasoned - ‘Everyone loves flowers, and florist shops!’ and so the week before Mother’s Day they plunged head first into the floristry business and one of its two busiest days of the year.
A love of gardening was their only experience, and although Anna says it was a huge learning curve, they not only survived, the business prospered.
Fast forward to 2017, the couple are involved in every aspect of the business other than the arranging of flowers, the four stores are now consolidated into two stunning studio and retail spaces, and the couple celebrated 25 years in the business with friends and family, unveiling a beautiful redesign of their brand, the soft pinks and stunning floral displays a trademark of the exquisite work that comes out of their Hyde Park and Willows studios.




Passions : “I love my family, I have three children and two grandkids with a third one on the way, they are the love of our lives. I love gardening, watching old movies, reading 17th century historic novels and TV shows like Outlander – you can really lose yourself in that”


Beginnings : I was born in Home Hill, my father cut cane, and when I was five years old my mum and dad moved to Townsville with three kids. They bought the corner store on Kings Road, I grew up there behind the shop until I was 13, then they bought a home, had two more children, they had the store for 19 years. I went to Mundingburra State School, my kids went there too, I went to Pimlico High, my kids did too, we lived in Pimlico, now we live in Mysterton, we haven’t gone far! I left school to start an accounting job with C. Smith & Co, then did bookkeeping and had my three babies – boys -


Personal style : we built a modern Queenslander, I’m not into ultra-modern, I like a home to be a home; lots of decks, lots of gardens, swimming pool – I love looking at home magazines. Fashion-wise I’m not a big one for labels, whatever suits and looks really nice, I’ll buy it.


Favourite flower : it’s so difficult, but probably the peony rose


Musical inspo : I love music that I can understand the words and sing along to (laughs) – I’m a total romantic, at the moment I’m listening to Greek love songs in my car!