Photo : Sarah Elsley 

Photo : Sarah Elsley 


EAST COAST  :  Tell us about the band - how and when you got together?

ANGUS MILNE : I can’t remember when, I was 15 or 14 - it was a while ago! I met Stevie at footy, we used to play together and we’d get super drunk. We actually wrote our first single, It Goes Around, in a car at a football after-party. I hated hip-hop ‘cos I was from the bush - I like it now, and Stevie likes country now, which is awesome. 
We went up and played it for everybody at the after-party, it was really cool. 
I met Waqa on site at a job, concreting. I was playing a bit of guitar and stuff at parties, and he said, ‘Hey, I play a little bit of bass,’ and I thought, ‘Ah yeah, everyone plays a little bit of bass,’ and it turned out he’s an absolutely amazing musician, he’s the best musician I’ve ever come across. He plays everything, every kind of guitar; he’s so good. 
I met Jason through a work mate, he and Con sort of came as a couple, as a duo!

EC : What kind of music were you listening to at home when you were a kid?

AM : When I was a kid I used to hate country music, I was into ACDC, Led Zeppelin, Michael Jackson, I loved him when I was little, loved him. Red Hot Chili Peppers – pretty much anything Dad would play. Dad really loved Coldplay but I couldn’t handle them – I love ‘em now, tho! 

EC : What was the very first album, single (or ‘cassingle’!) you remember buying?

AM : Aaah – I can’t remember, I wasn’t sort of one to buy CDs. I really love listening to music but I’m really hopeless, I can’t remember what I’ve listened to after I’ve listened to it…


EC : When did you first perform in public?

AM : I can’t remember the exact time, I remember doing it in front of my mates but I’d have to be drunk, we’d have to turn the lights off - they were always super dirty songs haha – I still couldn’t play in front of my parents ‘til I was about 27 or something. 
I think playing in front of your family is the hardest thing, especially being from the country, no-one shows emotion out there, if you do you get bagged…

EC : Tell us about the very first King Social gig…

AM : We had King’s Coronation at Flinders Social in Townsville; that was our EP launch. There may have been one before that, but that was the first event that we put on as a band. We sold the whole place out, it was completely packed shoulder to shoulder, and we were stoked, I think we made $600 or something – we got free drinks all night, then I went back the next day with a bunch of mates and they gave me free drinks all day – it was just the best time – that’s what it’s all about, free drinks haha


EC : What has been the most awesome gig you have ever played?

AM : The most incredible so far was Caloundra Music Festival. We went there are we had no expectations whatsoever, we thought, ‘No-one’s going to know who we are.’ We thought we might have a couple of hundred people, our diehard fans, we rocked up on the first day of playing and I was crook, so I was smashing down anything I could get my hands on cos we were on tour. We got up on the stage on the first night and we started getting a crowd, there were probably 200-400 people there to start with, which is what we expected. Then we started playing and all of a sudden they started streaming in, and by the end of the set the whole beach area was packed, it was awesome. But then the night after, we still had no expectations, we were mucking around with soundcheck and a couple of things went wrong with that so we weren’t even looking out, as soon as we all turned around ready to start the show, there would have been about 3,000 people just waiting there for us to start our show – that was the biggest show we’ve ever had, it was just mad. And then we played, and they were all just really responsive, they were all jumping up and down…


EC : Are Townsville audiences different to other audiences in any way?

AM : Townsville is awesome to come home to play around a few places we’ve been a couple of times now but yeah, Townsville’s just awesome to play a gig at home, we don’t do it that often any more…


EC :  Some people might know you love dress up themes – best one so far?

AM : You’ve got to dress up for every festival so every year, yeah, we go to the Townsville festival Groovin’ the Moo and we dress up – one year we all dressed as pilots, we all bought the same uniform, we thought if we all dress as pilots we can all look the same, it was so cool there were ten of us. We dressed up as 70s one year, that was really cool, we had these flares on, the best part was we strapped these bottles of booze to our legs…


EC : Who in the band has the best party trick and what is it? (!)

AM : Stevie – I don’t know if it’s a good party trick, but he can scull directly out of any bottle of alcohol. I was spiking our drinks one night with rum, and he just turned around and started skulling it straight out of the bottle…


EC : What’s your most treasured (non-living) item?

AM : Probably my guitar – I’ve got two guitars now that I’ve written a lot of songs on and a lot of blood, sweat and tears have gone into those guitars, I’d have to grab them on the way out if I was saving anything from a fire or something. The old Ashton was my first guitar, the neck even snapped off it, my ex-girfriend broke the neck of it, I had it re-glued, I’ve still got it. 


EC : What are you listening to at the moment?

AM : It’s really weird, Stevie has deadset started listening to country music and he’ll text me all the time, ‘Check out this song’ and it’ll be Sam Hunt or someone I don’t even know and he’ll be listening to country, I’ve been listening to a lot of hip hop and American rap – I’m not one to remember who they are, I just listen to the radio or Spotify or iTunes radio and just go by genre. 
My favourite song at the moment is that one – you know, (sings) ‘I took a pill in Ibiza
To show Avicii I was cool
And when I finally got sober, felt ten years older
But fuck it, it was something to do’ – LOVING that song, the lyrics are just ridiculous (I took a pill in Ibizaby Mike Posner) 


EC : Do you have a motto you live by?

AM : Yeah I have a few, probably my main one is ‘It goes around, it all goes around and comes back to you,’ so what you give you get back in return, I really thing that’s how the world works. The other one, it really pisses me off when someone says they can’t do something – there’s absolutely nothing that’s impossible. It really annoys me, I think it sort of makes people lazy if they keep saying they can’t do something; anything’s possible, it might take a few years but you can do it…


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