Andy Murphy

Andy Murphy - Satoshiware NQ

Andy Murphy - Satoshiware NQ

One of my favourite bands is Dire Straits and they’ve got a song that really resonates with me - LOVE OVER GOLD,
it says a lot about a person and their values and ideologies, so living by that is a good way to be.
— Andy Murphy


I was actually an accident - the youngest of three, (my sister was an accident too!) we were in Germany when I was born.  We left there when I was quite young and moved back to Townsville where I’ve spent the majority of my life, we had five years in Brisbane with my father’s work, then back up here to finish high school. I went to uni here and graduated with my Bachelor of Pharmacy in 2013, I spent some time working in that field, then completed my Masters in Business recently, then fell into this business with my lovely cousin! 

I’ve always been pretty on the ball with money because of my mother, she’s a certified tax accountant and a financial planner, so I wouldn’t say that I’m money-obsessed, but I’m very money-savvy; I like to count my pennies and watch where they’re going, so to me, finding Bitcoin Cash as a supplement to the modern financial system has been a real passion of mine, and fit well with a lot of the ideologies that I hold.



Cryptocurrency has consumed a lot of my life but I guess my other passion has always been people – whether that comes in the form of friends, family or team sports, it’s always been something that I’ve been about – Richelle (Satoshiware NQ CEO & cousin) can attest we’ve always had a really close-knit family growing up, and the same with my friendship groups, I’ve had a lot of friends for a long period of time. Soccer and running have always been passions of mine, and I love engaging with new people, I’ve been to a bunch of schools – eight -  growing up, and I love being thrown in at the deep end; not knowing anyone and finding my feet, making friends that way. 



“We operate a company that helps new users and businesses accept bitcoin cash as a form of payment, and we’re also rolling out a Bitcoin Cash vending machine – you put Aussie dollars in, and you get Bitcoin Cash back in a wallet which sits in your phone.
Cryptocurrencies in general are a global movement, we’re sort of late to the game, they’ve been here since about 2009 but Richelle and I only started the business in 2017 after having an interest in cryptocurrencies for a couple of years. 
We identified with the Bitcoin Cash movement and what’s happening, it started out as a bit of fun, and education; we wanted to be able to go places and be able to spend our Bitcoin Cash and thought, ‘hang on, this is probably something that we could do full-time, and have a change of pace, so that’s where we’re at right now!”



‘There are only 21 million Bitcoins in existence, so that gives a ceiling effect of how many Bitcoins there will ever be. Bitcoins can be broken down into one millionth, and that’s converted into whatever your national currency conversion rate is. 
Because it’s basically supply and demand, the value of Bitcoins will increase as more and more people use it (at the moment one Bitcoin Cash BCH equals $672 Aussie dollars), but for anyone who thinks they’ve missed the boat on Bitcoin, I was talking to a Bitcoin Cash owner the other day and his response is, ‘Mate the boat is just being built.’ 
The best part of this technology is that it’s come so far in the past ten years, you don’t need to know anything about computers, as long as you can download a free app on your phone, you can send and receive payments to anyone anywhere in the world, instantly, for less than a cent.’


Bit of a mixed bag, I’ve actually played piano for about 18 years now, my mum and dad encouraged me to learn when I was quite young so that’s another passion of mine so I love a lot of the classical, romantic period like Beethoven, Debussy, Chopin – they’re my boys!
I often say that nothing good came after the nineties, except me, haha - I like the 50s, 60s, 70s and 80s – the Beatles, the Bee Gees, Eric Clapton, The Rolling Stones; that’s my wheelhouse and that’s where I like to be… and it’s a good party trick to be able to sit down and bust out a tune.