We are
East Coast
Style Collective

A local lifestyle app that finds the ‘awesome’ near you…
Eats, treats, beauty & style
the who’s who & the what’s new,
all in one place, effortlessly, for you.

We are creatives, storytellers & strategists.
We don’t do traditional, old school or corporate.
We create awesome content & share it with lurkers, likers & lovers…

Our viewpoint is unique, just like you and your business.


Verena Louise Coombe – Chief of Ideas

While childhood day dreams of her adult life included singer/actress/writer, the real life version is much less 'show' and a lot more 'business'.

Inspired by the movies Wall Street & Working Girl to pursue a career in finance (true story) she became a licenced stockbroker at 19.  With a career traversing finance, communications, marketing and business development, she has always been an ideas gal and loves solving problems.

"Having moved many times in my life the pain of leaving your favourite hairdresser, fashion store or restaurant behind is real!  
Navigating your way around all the new options in a new town can be equally exciting as it is daunting"  Verena says,  "...we are all living in a time crunch and I wanted one place to go to find all the awesome things my city has to offer."

And from those frustrations, East Coast Style Collective was born.  The rest of the family;  teenagers Lara, Daniel and puppy dog Tyson,  love that Mum is creating a business with an app.  How cool is that?!?




Shari Vena Tagliabue – Content Queen

‘Now move it one millimetre to the left…’ Shari will admit to being a perfectionist in most areas except perhaps desk tidiness, which she blames on an an upbringing filled with art, magazines, antiques and fashion.  

"For a treat Mum would buy Seventeen magazines for my sister and I, Dad would buy me the old Trading Post and take me to the footy and Nana took me to Melbourne's antique auctions."

This turned into a lifelong love of barracking, bidding and bargains and with over a decade spent as an editor and columnist, Shari fills any spare time with live music, reading, renovating, reality television and cheering for the Richmond Tigers while trying not to scare the Tigers' smallest supporter; Posse, her hybrid Chihuahua.





Matthew Gianoulis – Creative consultant

On first meeting Matthew, he might appear the most laid-back of lensmen. His chill swag belies a laser focus when it comes to his art form. When coupled with his instinct for fashion, glamour and beauty this killer combo has seen Matthew develop a reputation as a talented professional photographer and graphic designer.

Matthew's status as our best kept secret was smashed this year, becoming one of the rising stars of photography in Australia when he was named 2017 Queensland Commercial Photographer of the Year.